• This is a Vintage Gibson L7 Archtop Hollow Body Acoustic Guitar which comes with its original hard case, a vintage strap and the well sought after Vintage "DeAmond Rhythm Chief 1000 Pickup" (which is also known as the "Monkey on a Stick"). We also have the original instrument cable for the pickup included. This guitar is believed to be a 1947. Gibson did not keep good records back then- but the "A" serial numbers are from this period.  The serial number on this L7 is "A378." Made in the USA

    We just gave this one a complete set-up and it plays great. Nice smooth low action and projects really well. Appears to be all original (as far as we know). The first 4 frets show medium wear. All others look good. A few nicks and scratches as expected- but this one was very well cared for. According to records on this same make/model/year- the nut width is approx 1.76" and the scale length is 25.5".


    The case is original. Has the expected outer / inner wear of an old case- but is as sturdy as can be and enough latches work to keep the case closed nicely.  We are leaving the case "as is" so the new owner can decide if he/she wants to re-glue any loose parts or leave it as is.


    We are very impressed with this old gal! Plays great and is an incredible Vintage Gibson Find! 


    ~ Please call for availability ~

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    1947 Gibson L7 Hollow Body, Archtop Acoustic Guitar - Sunburst W/ Original Case