• In the late 1990s, Orange County Drum and Percussion (OCDP) made a big splash in alternative music scenes thanks to its adoption by several iconic drummers. The brand’s signature ventilated snare helped shape the sound of bands like 311, No Doubt, and Blink 182. Genre tastes changed, and OCDP eventually became part of the Guitar Center family. But, that hasn’t diminished its reputation among drummers looking for high-quality instruments and versatile sound.


    The Orange County Drum and Percussion maple snare drum is a newer offering that continues the brand’s heritage while catering to the needs of modern instrumentalists. It’s a premium take on a classic snare design, providing plenty of flexibility to achieve the sound you’re after for any genre.


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    Orange County Drum & Percussion Maple Snare 7 x 13 - Natural Ash

    • - 25-ply maple shell

      - Offset lugs

      - Aluminum zinc alloy hardware

      - Die-cast counter hoop

      - Metal-lined air holes

      - Engraved aluminum branding