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  • A snare drum in a box! This is our brand new Rattlebox with smooth curved edges and sporting drum legend Terl Bryant’s signature engraved on the lid. It’s ergonomic and tactile and a real delight to play!


    Rattlebox® Terl Bryant Signature Edition has been developed with experienced Logjam endorsee and session drummer of the same name. In addition to using the Rattlebox as a hand-held percussion instrument, Terl likes to place the unit on top of a snare drum where he manages to get a huge range of expressive sounds. In order to help facilitate this ,we have re-designed the Rattlebox to include radiused edges so that it will fit neatly into a 14” snare drum. This then gives access to a larger area of the snare drum while leaving the Rattlebox on top.


    The Rattlebox TB is a very versatile instrument. It can be used as a snare drum with appropriate eq or used more like a kick drum or low tom when the mids and highs are rolled off and the bass is boosted
    It can be played with the hands, with the feet, or with multi-rods and brushes. When played with the hands it is possible to get sounds akin to that of bongos or alternatively, low cajon.

    The Rattlebox includes a full length drum snare underneath the lid which is responsible for it’s unique analog sound.It is not a digital sample player.


    ~ Please call for availability ~

    (570) 383-9413

    Special Edition Curved Rattlebox Cherry Snare

    • - Hand-made in UK from certificated Sapele & Baltic Birch

      - Features a non-slip grip rubber base.

      - Requires no batteries.

      - Very low angle for stress-free stomping

      - Can be used unplugged for low-level acoustic playing

      - Guaranteed for 3 years.

      Dimensions: 292 X 130 X 50 mm

      Weight: 600 grams (may vary a little)

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